Philips Custom 802
Blue Lightning Disco model

This custom model actually originated from my mistake when I accidentally damaged some internal components of this fully functional Hi-Fi center that I bought for 17EUR, due to a short circuit on the circuit board. I unintentionally ruined a perfectly working music center with a great radio, and after months of contemplating what to put inside the large box, I realized that it's best to leave it as just a turntable. I considered Bluetooth receivers, Class D amplifiers, phono preamps, whiskey boxes, but in the end, the simplest solution was perhaps the best.

I removed all the electronic components and added a blue LED strip to make it shine and make everyone wonder how it works. I connected the turntable output to a standard DIN socket, and the only modification I made was adding a rotary selector switch for On/Off in the place where the radio stations would normally be changed.

The result is the Blue Lightning Disco model, perfect for home parties. It looks great, sounds good, the tonearm lift works fine, and it's part of the "I Love Vinyl Music" series, Model No. 4 has seen the light of day. The cover is heavy and thick, it just needs one more polishing to shine completely blue. I'm even considering adding more lights on the cover itself... well, that's still up for debate.

Philips 802 Blue Lightning Custom - I love Vynil Music

During the day...

...i kako sija

and in the night Disco mode

Ispražnjeno kućište

All printed circuit boards have been removed, with a tear in my eye... I found a 12V power source from a transformer and connected the LED strip. I used about 70cm of the 1m strip, cutting it into multiple pieces, which I attached to the edges of the plexiglass parts for a better shine. The circular opening at the top, visible in the plexiglass piece, is where the bulb goes. Imagine the light traveling through the edges of those plexiglass pieces, following the shape of a 45 or 90-degree bent record. The edges shine, and the light is transmitted to the radio scale... It's a wonderfully simple solution from 1972.

Led trake

I imitated that solution using a blue LED strip. Placing the strip on the edges of transparent plexiglass parts transfers the light throughout the housing... It looks beautiful. The image shows one shorter strip, but there are a total of 6 strips in the setup.

On/Off prekidač

At that location, there used to be a mechanism with a wheel and a string that moved the radio scale. I removed everything and installed a rotary selector with 6 positions. I wasn't aware that I could achieve a smaller required number of positions simply by adjusting the gear cloth... It worked on the second attempt; I burned the first switch, of course.

Kako sija - part I

It looks great with the custom plate attached using super glue. In this attempt to glue two acrylic plates together, I learned that you shouldn't glue and then move them (to achieve precise angles and alignment) because the glue can dissolve the acrylic, resulting in unwanted small star-shaped structures where the glue dissolved the acrylic.

Philips i Suiss Nude MKII

I couldn't have wished for a better needle than this... Suiss Nude MKII Eliptical. A gift from my friend Mihailo from Valjevo.


The lower aluminum strip replaced all the switches and controls of the original edition, as it simply didn't make sense for them to remain... The radio station selector switch is now a On/Off switch. I added a personal touch - I Love Vinyl Music.
In the next picture, you can see the original condition.

prvobitno stanje

Original condition before any customization.

prvobitno stanje

More blue pictures

prvobitno stanje

prvobitno stanje

Polished platter and blue LED... It doesn't do anything, it just shines...

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