Sharp RP30 Golden player

I accidentally came across this Sharp turntable, which was being sold without a model description, condition details, and with only one picture. I didn't know which model it was, so I had to do some research based on the photo and images found online. It seemed to have a lot of electronics, and I expected a challenging restoration process since the seller mentioned it had been stored in an attic for over 20 years. The heat and cold must have taken a toll on it. However, it turned out that the headshell wasn't broken as it appeared in the picture, and even the stylus on the Sonovox cartridge was usable. The electronics were undamaged as well. It just needed some cleaning and lubrication, and with a new cartridge, it works perfectly. The only drawback, in my opinion, is that the headshell is not a traditional detachable headshell, as it requires direct wiring to the tonearm wires. However, considering that replacing a cartridge is an operation that is done once or a few times during the turntable's lifespan, it's not a major issue. One of the reasons I acquired this Sharp was also because of its interesting and slightly different anti-skating mechanism, which is not commonly seen. When I received it, I realized it weighed over 5kg, with almost half of that weight in the platter. This means there are virtually no vibrations and sound distortions, resulting in excellent audio performance.

After giving it some thought about what to do with it, I decided to make some golden modifications (check pictures below), and with the cork mat, I ended up with something that I find really beautiful, although it may be a matter of personal taste for others. I definitely enjoyed the modifications I made.

Restored, cleaned, and adjusted... before the design modifications... newer pictures are shown below.

With the cover... which still needs polishing... done later on.

New Audio Technica cartridge and stylus AT-VM95C. The attachment seen on the left serves as a template for geometrically aligning the needle position in the headshell, a rare addition that is not often encountered.

An interesting anti-skating mechanism - a counterweight that effectively fulfills its function and is easy to adjust.

The stroboscopic markings on the platter only required thorough cleaning, as did the rest of the device. The platter itself is quite hefty and accounts for about half of the turntable's weight.

The wiring that directly connects to the cartridge on the headshell. By removing the headshell, or unscrewing the screw shown in the picture, the cartridge cannot be completely detached. Instead, each wire needs to be disconnected with its respective connector.

After changing the color to copper gold and sprinkling some gold powder, I obtained this visually more luxurious version. Considering it has been on sale for a while, I received feedback that it appears quite unattractive in the listings, but in person, it is much, much more beautiful. Therefore, my subjective impression is that it is much more stunning in person.

The clear acrylic plate is laser-engraved.

The inscriptions are copied from the original plate, which has been repainted in a copper gold color.

Additional gold powder has been sprinkled around the tonearm. Please note that the dust was not wiped off before taking the picture. On other photographs, the surface is clean and shiny.

... and the blue AT VM95C - Audio Technica new cartridge with a conical stylus, in the 45EUR price range. It delivers excellent sound, and it presents a serious dilemma of whether to sell it or keep it as a decorative piece that also plays records well.

The addition is a personalized plate with a dedication inscription.

Here are a few more versions of plates with different texts.

After this, I will add a picture of the turntable that will go to the final buyer. I expect a new inscription and the requested dedication.

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