Sherwood PM1270

The auction ended with me winning, and I purchased another beauty about which I knew nothing before. The audiophile concept or Professional Series Turntable indicates that the tonearm does not automatically return to its starting position. At the end of playing one side of the vinyl, the motor simply shuts off, the lift raises the tonearm, and the output signal to the preamp is also disconnected. Some may not be fans of this functionality, but similar operation can be found in many high-end models. I have seen a similar feature before in the Philips 212 and Philips 802 models. Here, I had to address some cosmetic non-turntable-related issues, such as tightening the hinges on the cover, repairing the headshell (the handle was broken), a bit of lubrication, adjustment, belt replacement, and polishing the cover (the image below is before polishing). The speaker was examined under a microscope and compared with a brand new one, and I can say that it is in excellent condition. It plays beautifully. Later, I discovered that the motor speed needed adjustment using the small screws on the printed circuit board under the hood, and I took care of that as well. It took some time to ensure that the pitch remained steady in the middle position, maintaining the correct speed.

To slow down the descent of the tonearm, I applied a new silicone grease with a viscosity of 300,000 CS, and now the stylus gently and perfectly lowers onto the record. Service manual is here...

What was done

Sherwood headshell sa slomljenom ručkicom
Headshell before the repair

The missing handle. I now have some experience with this type of repair. The quality of the repair depends on the time and patience invested, and it can vary.

Prva faza reparacije

First stage: applying the filler.

I glued a piece of copper wire to imitate the shape of the handle. I applied super glue on the wire and the connection with the plastic, then sprinkled baking soda over it.

Pogled odozdo
Bottom view

The wire inside the filler can be seen, which is perfectly secure and prepared for sanding.

Obrušen headshell
After sending

The wire can be seen, which has also been slightly sanded down, and the shape resembles the original.

Završena reparacija
After painting

It's not completely perfect, but it will serve its purpose. The strength is satisfactory.

Završena reparacija 2
And a view from the other side.

The aesthetic aspect could have been better, but when you're over 50 years old, eyesight can weaken a bit, and this is the result... I justify it by saying that it's too small for the naked eye to notice, and the phone camera is too high-quality...

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