Turntable for sale, one-of-a-kind design,
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Turntables with a personal touch, a message of your choice, designed for every and specific purpose...

I have no intention of making a profit from these repairs; this is purely to cover the costs and revive the forgotten devices from that era, which have undoubtedly been neglected multiple times. For each model, you can see its "service booklet" or page describing the condition they were purchased in and how the turntables were repaired.
Since October 2021, many forgotten specimens have been restored. Each one has been successfully brought back to life and enhanced in some way, beautified, improved, and certainly fully functional.

Here is the current offering, that is, what I haven't sold, gifted, or kept for personal use so far...

For pricing, please contact me via the form or phone (Viber, Whatsap) at +381642306834, as nothing is firmly defined, and the idea is to provide you with a different, better, and more beautiful turntable than the original. Naturally, I welcome suggestions and proposals on how to make everything even more high-quality and unique.

I Love Vinyl Music...!!!
All the previously modified custom models can be found here.

Sharp RP 30

Golden Sharp

Personalized Sharp RP-30 model, with a clear acrylic plate that replaces the front decorative plate. In copper gold color, enriched with gold powder, repaired, with a brand new AT cartridge and stylus, restored, redesigned. A visual addition includes a double-sided slipmat.
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Philips 802
Philips 802 Blue Lightning Disco model

Impoverished Philips 802 Music center, from which only the turntable remains, but with plenty of blue disco lights. Transformed in the "I Love Vinyl Music" style.
There are more details available here...


Sherwood PM 1270 - without customization

Just repaired model... New belt, repaired headshell handle, lubricated, cleaned, polished cover.
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